IdeemaTec Deutschland presents new high wind-resistant tracking system


At this years’ Solar Power International in Chicago, Ideematec presented for the first time an advanced version of its existing safeTrack Horizon single axis tracking system. «SPI has been a great success», says Axel Hartung – Head of Sales and Marketing at Ideematec.

«We have seen great interest in our tracking systems, but in particular in our tracking system designed for locations with exceptional high wind speeds.» Due to the new design, the advanced safeTrack Horizon is able to withstand wind speeds up to 180 mph without giving up the concept of a light and cost efficient structure. This makes our new tracking system the first cost-efficient solution for high wind locations, says Hartung.

«Various potential customers from the Caribbean or project developers with Caribbean projects visiting the SPI explained that there is significant need for high wind resistant tracking systems and a particular interest in safeTrack Horizon. But visitors of the SPI also asked for the standard version of safeTrack Horizon. The specific characteristics of our tracking systems are a big advantage compared to other single axis tracking systems.» Due to the innovative steel rope technology, the tracker is statically defined in all positions. Unlike oil or gas based dampers, steel ropes provide a statically defined damping effect, acting consistently even in an environment with large temperature ranges. Like the original safeTrack Horizon, the new design as well is tracking in single rows without drive shafts connecting each row with the next.

Therefore no obstacles in-between trackers do prevent an automated cleaning of PV panels. Beyond that, the design allows a flexible ground coverage ratio lowering or enlarging distances between trackers according to requirements of the project. Even an installation on grounds sloped up to 20° (36%) in North-South direction and yet more in East-West direction is not a problem at all. This saves enormous cost and time efforts for grading works. Like all Ideematec tracking systems, the new design is easy to install, without the need for on-site welding and heavy installation equipment. Thanks to the use of robust, long life components – installed and proven in more than 28.000 Ideematec tracking systems – safeTrack Horizon stands out as a reliable and long lasting tracking system. For further information please visit: