Contactless power for led with lumiance and isotera


In a world where LED technology is on the increase, a fresh approach to complete system lifetime, reliability and ease of installation is required. Lumiance powered by Isotera is a unique and market changing LED power and control system that offers unrivalled installation speed, flexibility and ease of configuration. It is inherently more reliable and durable than traditional driver systems and works with any constant current LED luminaire. The Isotera system removes the need for mains wiring to fixtures, ensuring total safety during installation and operation.

The patented technology is perceived as one of the most significant innovations in energy efficient lighting of the last ten years, offering compelling benefits to specifiers, installers and end-users. As proof of Isotera’s commitment to its technology, it recently won ‘Innovative Power Product of the Year’ at the 2013 Electrical Industry Awards – a prestigious competition with a judging panel of senior representatives from the ECA, JIB, NAPIT, NICEIC and the Electrical Safety Council.

The system covers everything between the distribution board and LED lighting luminaires:

  • Power Conversion – from mains power to any constant DC current without LED drivers
  • Wiring – a single cable without junctions to distribute power to a large group of LED luminaires
  • Connectors – transferring power from the cable to LED luminaires without making electrical contact
  • Controls – smooth dimming, individual lamp control, presence & absence detection, daylight compensation, all extremely simple to install, no LCMs, no commissioning

 “With cool-running remote power, a single run of high-frequency cable and no polarity to complicate installation, the sheer flexibility of Isotera is a huge plus to installers and specifiers looking for a unique, yet reliable, power distribution system,” comments Sam Woodward, Senior SBU Manager: Control Systems at Havells Sylvania. “We’re incredibly pleased to be able to bring such a simple, unique power solution to the lighting marketplace, and are excited to see how Isotera will change the commercial lighting landscape.”

The power element of the system is an ultra-efficient bulk power converter, called the iHub, which converts mains (230V AC) into low-voltage high frequency (HFAC) constant current, which is distributed via a simple twisted pair cable. Patented inductive couplers attach to this cable which feed constant current DC LED power to the luminaire. Inductive Couplers are available up to 50W with a range of output currents (mA) and are compatible with any constant current Havells Sylvania or third-party LED luminaire.

All Lumiance LED luminaires including Insaver LED, Instar LED, Motto Trend LED and more are available with couplers ready-connected for rapid deployment. For emergency-lighting requirements, a simple module turns any luminaire in to a 3 hour emergency fixture.

The control element is delivered via a SELV plug and play system, utilising RJ11 connections for speed and ease of configuration and re-configuration. Sensors are utilised for occupancy / absence and daylight-linked dimming. With super-smooth dimming and on / off and control achieved via a compact interface that wires into normal wall-switches.  The range is completed with connectors for wiring multiple modules to allow for easy multi-way switching.