Hyder Germany invests in the environment


Thanks to a new biogas facility, 150 of Berlin’s refuse collection trucks are now driving soot-free and more quietly through the capital.

Earlier this year Berlin’s refuse collection company Berliner Stadtreinigungsbetriebe (BSR) formally opened the new biogas facility Biogas WEST Ruhleben.

The decision to build the facility was made in 2007 by the BSR Board and followed by an intensive planning and approval process. The total investment amounts to 30 million Euros.

Every year 4.5 million m³ biomethane is produced from 60,000 tons of organic waste. The biogas is upgraded to natural gas quality, fed into the gas grid and used by 150 of Berlin´s refuse collection vehicles to drive soot-free and more quietly through the capital. According to BSR 2.5 million litres of diesel can be saved annually using this method. The liquid and solid ferment created are used agriculturally.

On behalf of the general contractor engaged by the BSR STRABAG AG, Hyder has provided the complete design services for the construction and development of this biogas facility.

The contract included the preliminary design, approvals, and implementation planning as well as construction of supporting structures of five buildings, two fermenters, a biofilter and various technical ancillary facilities. The overall package also includes services for traffic development and planning, lighting, earthing and lightning protection as well as a fire protection concept development and thermal physics services.

Hyder’s customised solutions, high quality of work and professional teamwork were the main reasons why Hyder was chosen.