I think this sector will continue growing in the next years


Fátima Pozo, the new Consultant of Renewable Energies Area in Spain. 

EfikosNews: Antal has nominated you as the new Consultant of Renewable Energies Area in Spain. How are you facing up this new phase? At this time, what will be your goals in the short and middle terms from your position in the Company?

Fátima Pozo: Well, I am very excited and also confident about my new position. This is a sector that I love and it is quite interesting working on it. Our general goal is to continue supporting our clients in terms of becoming more competitive than other European and Chinese companies, increasing their capacity to close more business by offering them excellent candidates, locally and internationally, even for those difficult processes with very specific requirements.


EfikosNews: What kind of profiles are looked for in such an increasing Area as Renewables is? In Spain, they have demands those professionals? May you define a list of characteristics needed to do the best in this job? Why the Companies must be take a chance on specialized consultant companies as Antal is?

Fátima Pozo: Nowadays, the profiles most in demand are those related to areas such as construction of new plants, implementation and maintenance. We have also seen an increase for the interest in I+D profiles. In general, the professional requirements most companies of this sector are looking for are technical training in engineering, experience in project management, and languages, English in the first place and also french for the North African markets.

Talking about the advantages of working with a Human Resources Consultant, first of all I can say that we are specialized in searching candidates locally and internationally, in this case the advantage is that clients have one contact point only, in their own language, facilitating the selection process. Besides, they don’t have to deal with different suppliers and currencies in each country. Antal believes in specializations; our deep market knowledge, office network in more than 30 counties, and the expertise in direct search, allow us to get to the talent most difficult to find.


EfikosNews: How do you see the Spaniards Renewable professionals about training but experience?

Fátima Pozo: There are excellent professionals in Spain, well-trained, and with a large experience in the sector, let’s not forget we have been innovators in this field. Even though, it is also true that learning foreign languages is still our unfinished business. Sometimes it is hard to find candidates with fluent English.

EfikosNews: As a sector great knowledgeable professional, Are you optimist when you analyze the future? What positive things would be extracted from this changing phase that Renewable are going through in Spain? May the interested people have a future working in this Area? What should you tell them?

Fátima Pozo: I am indeed optimist. I think this sector will continue growing in the next years, looking for meet the current demand of (green) energy of the planet. This situation could be translated as a great opportunity for Spanish companies, because they can have access to international markets where, due to a lack of specialized industry of the energy sector, there is still enough space to build plants for Renewable energy. But one thing must be said, for now we still have to travel outside Spain to cover certain positions. My recommendation is specialization and geographical mobility.