IFEMA presents ePower&Building


From 25 to 28 October 2016, IFEMA will hold ePower&building, a major industry event which will include the go-to trade fairs for the construction, restoration and energy efficiency sectors: VETECO, CONSTRUTEC, URBÓTICA and MATELEC. This new project aims to boost innovation and contribute to stimulating the market, including offerings by 1,200 companies and the presence of 60,000 visiting professionals from the fields of engineering, industry, installation, automation, construction, architecture, infrastructures, urbanism and the tertiary sector, placing it as the largest industry event in Europe taking place in even years.

Raúl Calleja, Director of ePower&Building, and the General Director of CEPCO, the Spanish Confederation of Associations of Construction Product Manufacturers, Luís Rodulfo, took part in the presentation held this morning at IFEMA-

With this initiative, the aim is to promote synergies and interactions between the sectors represented by these four trade fairs, all of them strategic for the Spanish economy, to make ePower&Building a commercial platform which contributes to reactivating the domestic Spanish market, and showcase the role of Spanish industry abroad, especially in the countries making up its main export markets.

The trade fairs VETECO, CONSTRUTEC, URBÓTICA and MATELEC, which will maintain their own identity and space, will pool their convening power to attract, on the one hand, the professional sectors acting as opinion leaders (engineering, industry, process automation, developers and builders, architecture, facility managers, public civil engineering and infrastructure officials, urbanism, tertiary sector, etc.), and on the other hand professionals specialising in each of the trade fairs (installers, integrators, distribution, workshops, carpenters, refurbishment and restoration companies, and so on). In the words of Raúl Calleja «the transversality and innovative synergies among all of these sectors and trade fairs will be the key issue at this event».

Participation support tools

In order to achieve high uptake and optimum profitability for the companies and professionals participating, IFEMA will implement all of the sales tools which allow the commercial opportunities at each of the specialised trade fairs making up ePower&Building to be multiplied and updated. These measures include the simplification of the participation process, both in terms of its format and in terms of investment, and a whole range of actions which allow the commercial impact to be reinforced, including workshops, demonstrations, technical training, B2B, and so on. Additionally an ambitious guest buyers/distributors programme will be organised, aimed at more than 1,000 professionals from around the world, who will be provided with a full agenda of personalised meetings with exhibiting companies.

Other initiatives aimed at boosting profitability at the event will include communication and promotion campaigns; a programme of guided tours of buildings and urban developments in Madrid which come closest to the Smart city concept; presentations and roadshows, participation in industry events and the organisation of a supplementary programme of professional sessions and congresses aimed specifically at each sector at the trade fair. All of this will be adapted to the specific needs of each participating company.

Arquitectura con EÑE [Architecture with Ñ]

The cross-cutting nature of this project offers an integrated range of particular interest to opinion leaders, where architecture will play a special role thanks to the «Arquitectura con EÑE» programme which encompasses a series of events and sessions specifically aimed at making «ePower&Building» the go-to area for architects.


Greater presence in the electrical installations and illumination and lighting areas.

MATELEC, the International Trade Fair for the Electrical and Electronic Industry, will reinforce the event with the presence of solutions to integrate energy efficiency in the new construction and refurbishment cycle. In this regard, solutions which allow consumption to be controlled and monitored both in the residential sector as well as in the tertiary sector, in order to minimise energy expenditure, is a reality, the technology for which will form part of MATELEC LIGHTEC, illumination and lighting solutions. MATELEC LIGHTEC was one of the areas with most growth at the last edition, and will once again feature at this upcoming event thanks to the substantial technological development with regard to LED formats and solutions.

Furthermore, MATELEC will focus part of its exhibition at the industrial sector under the brand MATELEC INDUSTRY, the first multi-sector event which responds to the needs of the industrial sector, boosting its production capacities toward a smart factor environment with automation of processes and energy management. MATELEC INDUSTRY will place the emphasis on the industrial sector, particularly on industrial automation and automation of processes in sectors like food, pharmaceuticals, health, water, energy or transport. MATELEC INDUSTRY will be divided into three areas, AUTOMATEC, Automation in Industry, Energy and Processes; Control and Management Solutions in Industrial Energy, Industrial Electronics, Installations and suppliers and Industrial lighting.


 Technological solutions at the service of the efficient management of cities, buildings and households.

This new space, which forges closer links between technology and construction, provides a response to the need to generate business opportunities for companies that are capable of providing solutions to new urban challenges in the fields of mobility, the environment and new conceptions of public spaces. URBOTICA thus contemplates specialised offerings in:

  • Energy, water and network supply systems
  • Management of public services
  • Urban and infrastructure planning and renewal
  • Smart solutions and systems for buildings
  • Technology for smart home automation

Currently, the trend towards the increasing urbanisation of populations creates significant pressures on resources – space, energy, water etc. – affecting aspects such as the mobility of citizens, the environment and the design of public spaces and services.In this regard, technology, and especially ICT, is contributing new ways to solve urban problems by providing municipal managers with a wide range of new options and urban services that enable them to better meet the needs of certain citizens who are increasingly well-informed and able to influence policy, thanks to the use of new technologies.


The trade fair adds the Solar Protection and Control sector to those of Windows and Facades

The International Window, Facade and Solar Protection Exhibition, VETECO, one of the leading European trade fairs for this industry, will be expanding its offering in this edition by bringing in a new sector, Solar Protection and Control. This sector thus joins the wide range of windows, light facades, ceilings and skylights, types of glass, home and other automation, fittings and accessories, garage, security and industrial doors, and machinery, among others, presented by leading manufacturers and distributors.

This is an offering that bears witness to the highly innovative capacity of Spanish industry, including in the field of solar protection and control, with a specific weight in Spain, which has promoted the creation of VETECO SOLAR, with its own identity, within the framework of VETECO. That space will be bringing together manufacturers of awnings, pergolas, shutters, home and other automation, textiles for curtains, fittings and accessories, machinery, etc.

The 1st Iberian Congress on Solar Protection will be held in parallel with the trade exhibition. Also, on each day of the Exhibition a conference will be held with content specially designed for the prescriber and for workshops and installers: Conference on Rehabilitation and Construction from the perspective of the Window; Lightweight Facade Conference in collaboration with Tecnalia, and the Iberian Congress of Solar Protection and Control (jointly organised with the publisher Tecnopress).


Building materials, techniques and solutions

Sustainability and innovation in building materials will be the stars of this new edition of CONSTRUTEC, the International Exhibition of Building Materials, Techniques and Solutions, presenting new construction materials and solutions in paving, cladding, prefabricated elements, cement, insulation, plaster, bricks etc. The focus will be maintained on construction and also on reform and renovation, which are currently taking on a growing weight in the sector.