More than 80 cities to promote green growth

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‘All together for public transport growth’ movement has brought together more than 80 cities and regions in 30 countries to issue a united call for more and better public transport as a motor for sustainable growth.

The International Association of Public Transport (UITP) launched the initiative to coincide with European Mobility Week (16-22 September), but the movement has taken a global dimension, with public transport operators, authorities and industry members coming together to issue a u nited message to policy makers and citizens alike: that improving public transport and its infrastructure is a vital tool for green growth.

The campaign is visible in almost 60,000 buses, trams, metros, stations and stops across the participating networks, which together transport 85 million passengers each day, and will be seen by up to 200 million people.

“Each year €100bn, or at least 1% of GDP, is lost to the European economy as a result of traffic congestion so there is a great urgency to act,” explained UITP Secretary General,Alain Flausch.“

If we double the market share of public trans port, we could create an additional 7 million green Jobs Worldwide in an industry that already employs 13 million people around the world”.

“The current situation is totally unsustainable,” added Olivier Onidi, Director of Innovative and Sustainable Mobility, DG MOVE, European Commission. “We need to consolidate and continue to support cities and authorities to better plan their needs. If we continue as we currently are, cities will lose a lot in economic opportunities. There is no other choice but to take decisive action”.

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