Africana energia: thermoelectric solar plant in Cordoba

energia termosolar
La energía termosolar produce en julio lo equivalente a la fotovoltaica con la mitad de potencia instalada

Africana Energía is a 50 MW thermoelectric solar plant located in the south of Córdoba and operated by three leading companies: Magtel, TSK and the Grupo Ortiz. These companies have joined forces through a common undertaking: to turn this project into an international technological and environmental benchmark.

Africana Energía has involved an investment of 387 million euros and has rated power of 50 MW, which will generate more than 180 million kilowatts/hour, equivalent to the consumption of 100,000 homes.

One of the major features of this project is the degree of technological innovation applied. Innovation in making use of an inexhaustible and clean source of energy such as the sun has been one of the pillars on which Africana Energía has been developed.


This power plant has an extensive field of collectors that track solar movement, concentrating solar radiation into a receiving tube located in the middle of the cylinder-parabolic mirrors. A heat transfer fluid flows through the receiving tube where it reaches the temperature needed to produce steam, used by a conventional turbine to generate electricity.

Africana Energía also has a system of heat storage that enables it to supply electricity to the grid even at night-time or on cloudy days.


The plant will produce more than 180,000,000 kW per hour, equivalent to the consumption of 100,000 homes, representing a serious environmental commitment.

An average of more than 500 employees have worked for two years on building the plant, and up to 800 workers have been required at certain stages of the project. The O&M tasks will see a total of 50 jobs over 25 years.