New at the Energy show at Hannover Messe: Electric Transportation Systems

Electric Transportation Systems
Hannover Messe Electric Transportation Systems

New at the Energy show at Hannover Messe: Electric Transportation Systems Integrated infrastructure solutions for electric mobility

Hannover. Growing urbanization and the associated increases in emission concentrations are major challenges that call for sustainable vehicle systems and tailored mobility solutions. The Energy show at HANNOVER MESSE is putting these trends and challenges front and center with a new display area called “Electric Transportation Systems”.

The new showcase provides a holistic perspective on cutting-edge electric mobility and transport systems. It encompasses personal mobility, public passenger and freight transport, last-mile delivery, and the fundamental design and make-up of transportation solutions.

Its primary focus is not so much on vehicles as on the necessary supporting infrastructure, which itself needs to be integrated into tomorrow’s transformed, sustainable energy systems.

“The market for electric mobility solutions is growing worldwide and promises numerous other exciting applications alongside personal mobility. Realizing these applications will require massive investment in energy infrastructure over the next few years. The aim is for the transportation sector to become fully integrated into the energy system – and the ideas and solutions to make it all happen will be presented in the Electric Transportation Systems display area at HANNOVER MESSE’s Energy show,” said Benjamin Low, Global Director Energy at

Deutsche Messe AG.

A sustainable, integrated transportation and energy system will require vast amounts of climate-neutral energy. That means more investment in renewable energy infrastructure, and that, in turn, requires the right government policy settings.

In this sense, the Energy show is also a key platform for policy and political dialogue. “As part of the wider HANNOVER MESSE ecosystem, the Energy show offers its exhibitors a quality international platform for policy discussion on new technologies and solutions for tomorrow’s mobility,” Low said.

The Energy show certainly has significant reach. In 2017, for example, it was attended by more than 92,000 trade visitors, 34 percent of whom came from outside Germany. 28,000 of these visitors were from the manufacturing industry, 27,000 from the energy sector, 9,000 from the services sector, 6,500 from commerce and trade, and 4,500 from the construction industry.

The Electric Transportation Systems display is taking the place of the MobiliTec show.